Local & Global VR News from the Week of October 19th, 2018

Each week we highlight 3 top stories from local and global VR/AR/MR news to help you stay on top of the trends.

  • Accounting+ Brings Three Times More Content To Rift, Vive And PSVR, Local developer Squanch Games has updated their games and brought more content to Rift, Vive and PSVR. “The new version of the game will come with support for multiple languages and include a level loader that allows you to visit any point in the experience on a whim so that you can bring your friends straight into the bit where you cut that blob open.”

  • Pilot scares the hell out of us by wearing Oculus Go while flying, “If you’re troubled by the idea of pilots wearing VR headsets while flying real planes, prepare yourself: It’s already happening, at least on a small scale. In a new video titled Piloting A Real Aircraft While Wearing Oculus Go, Texan pilots John Nagle and John Paul Sommer demonstrate how they’ve been flying (and all but landing) a small plane while relying mostly on a $199 VR headset for visual guidance. They say they’ve accomplished the feat around two dozen times.”

  • Steam VR update lets low-end PCs run games more smoothly, “Steam VR has introduced a feature for Beta called "Motion Smoothing," which will give PCs with hardware that aren't quite top of the line the power to deliver VR experiences more smoothly. It functions like Motion Smoothing for TV and Asynchronous Spacewarp for Oculus devices, which are frame-rate smoothing techniques that generate synthetic frames between two real ones in order to avoid a stuttery experience.”