Local & Global VR News from the Week of October 26th, 2018

Each week we highlight 3 top stories from local and global VR/AR/MR news to help you stay on top of the trends.

  • Sony Patents Hand-Tracking Technology for VR, “The patent, published on 11th October, 2018, is titled ‘Gaming Device With Rotatably Placed Cameras’. The specifics of the patent describes a system which can identify fingers on a hand by using devices mounted on each wrist, similar to a wristwatch or fitness tracker, which transmits infrared light. Cameras on the headset can pick up this light, while cameras on the wrist device identify the location and position of the fingers.”

  • HTC Vive Pro Is Getting Finger Tracking, “Finger tracking for Vive Pro will be available to all registered VivePort developers via the Viveport SDK. This will not be a part of SteamVR and Valve seems to not be involved at all.”

  • EVE Online CEO: 'We expected VR to be two to three times as big as it was', “Pétursson begins with a staggering statistic: "we expected VR to be two to three times as big as it was, period," he muses. "You can't build a business on that." There is a new hope though, as Pétursson mentions the Oculus Quest as a potential savior in multiple ways.”