Local & Global VR News from the Week of November 23rd, 2018

Each week we highlight 3 top stories from local and global VR/AR/MR news to help you stay on top of the trends.

  • Blizzard may copy 'Pokémon Go' for a 'Warcraft' mobile game, According to Kotaku, the gaming titan is already building a Pokémon Go-like Warcraft game for mobile. It's currently being developed by Blizzard's "incubation" team, which is one of the company's newest departments formed when co-founder Allen Adham returned in 2016.

  • Google Working On VR Shoes That Let You Walk Forever In Your Living Room, Google’s new invention has showed up in a patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office: shoes that allow you to walk forever in a limited space, the next step in immersive virtual reality experience (no pun intended).

  • Magic Leap Details Grant Program For Indie App Developers, Rio Caraeff, chief content officer at Plantation, Florida-based Magic Leap, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the global Magic Leap Independent Creator Program will focus on independent developers who head teams that are less than 10 or 20 people.

    These individual creators can apply for project grants ranging in size from $20,000 to $500,000 per team during the next 30 days. Magic Leap will screen the applications and decide how much to give in terms of hardware, financial support, marketing, or development and engineering assistance.