Local & Global VR News from the Week of November 9th, 2018

Each week we highlight 3 top stories from local and global VR/AR/MR news to help you stay on top of the trends.

  • HTC’s China-exclusive Vive Focus VR headset is now launching worldwide, “HTC will start selling its standalone Vive Focus virtual reality headset worldwide today, after an initial launch in China earlier this year. The headset, which will cost $599 in the US, is aimed at business customers in 37 countries. It’s part of a larger attempt to make HTC VR headsets appealing to companies, including a newly announced collaboration app called Vive Sync, which lets employees in different offices meet and work together in VR.” Also worth noting - HTC is now taking applications for 6DOF dev kits.

  • Shadow VR is the latest rival to the Oculus Quest, “This VR headset does 6DoF tracking on both the head and controllers.”

  • Just 20% Of Rift Users Have A ‘Roomscale’ Setup, “Earlier this year, Oculus added a ‘Hardware Report’ page to their developer website. Recently, they added a new section reporting how many tracking sensors Rift users have connected to their PC. Interestingly, it shows that 80% have 2 or fewer sensors, while just 20% have the 3 or 4 sensors Oculus requires for ‘roomscale’ setup.”

And this is just an interesting, weird one -