Local & Global VR News for the Week of February 1st, 2019

Each week we highlight 3 top stories from local and global VR/AR/MR news to help you stay on top of the trends.

  • VR Awards organisers launch AIXR trade body, The new organisation AIXR -- which stands for the Academy of International Extended Reality -- is positioning itself as the international trade body for individuals and companies of all sizes working in any form of immersive technology (including, of course, video games).

  • WellTown Turns Wellington New Zealand Into A VR City With Games, Developer WellingtonNZ aimed to take some of the things Wellington is known for in some fun directions for this project. Wellington is a cafe town, for example, so one game has you shooting caffeine at sleepy zombies. Or you can visit local buskers and jam with them on a virtual drum kit. This being New Zealand, there are some brushes with nature too including a deep dive in the harbor and a chance to explore the wilderness.

  • Where is augmented reality going in 2019 — and beyond?, In 2018, augmented reality started to heat up as Magic Leap released its much-anticipated headset, paving the way for others to explore and support massive AR development on their platforms. AR continues to be a rapidly growing space, as more tech companies continue building out their own competitive technologies — including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Magic Leap. The new year will be an important one for the software and hardware components of AR to shine. Here are some predictions for where we’ll see AR as we move into 2019.

More importantly, VR is changing everything.