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Booz Allen at the American Underground

• The Meetup

We're thrilled to have Booz Allen present for our December 2018 meetup to wrap up the year to talk about different VR/AR/MR projects they have underway.

Booz Allen integrates data science and artificial intelligence to improve human-centered experiences. They have innovation studios across the U.S., comprised of talented thinkers, game developers, designers, architects, and data scientists, churning out the latest and greatest in immersive technology. Booz Allen's Immersive team builds simulated environments by leveraging immersive computing capabilities. They integrate data science and artificial intelligence to improve human-centered experiences.

The Immersive teams works on the presentation of artificial environments that replicate the real world through VR, AR, MR and enhanced input devices. They design and compose content for simulations and simulators, training systems, and intelligent dashboards. The flight simulators, medical simulations, and battle scenarios blend art, game elements, and academic theory to immerse the learner into a virtual experience that mimics reality.

They're also testing the validity of brain-computer interfaces, light field displays, sensory extensions, and many more systems to see how these technologies can change the way we interact with our world in the future.

Booz Allen is also expanding their Durham office to build their Immersive team - learn more at this meetup!

• Demoing

As always, everyone is welcome to bring their VR headsets to give demos. If you will be demoing, send us a message or comment below so we have enough tables ready.

After the presentation by Booz Allen, let us know if you have a start-up, project or another area of expertise that you would like to present on.


Looking forward to seeing everyone! Feel free to reach out to us on Meetup if you have any questions.

Please RSVP on Meetup to attend.