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Take a VR Journey Inside the Brain at the American Underground

• The Meetup

What if you could go inside the brain? Health Impact Studios will be hosting the next RTPVR meetup and demoing VR Brain Exploration! Explore the brain from a first-person perspective! Experience pathway activation by following signals. Create a true representation in your own mind.

They will demo and discuss development of their 3D model. It provides an accurate, immersive and interactive VR experience of the human brain. The rendering can be navigated freely, which allows the user to examine the sub-components of the brain individually. Programmers and scientific staff will be on hand to discuss the project, which was funded by NIDDK/NIH.

• About Health Impact Studios

Health Impact Studios is a diverse group with expertise in programming, medicine, psychology, science, gaming, and communications. We use gaming technology to support healthy lifestyle change.

We create games and simulations for healthcare professionals, medical students, and the general public on topics including obesity, addiction, and nutrition.

We Believe in Learning Through Games and VR Simulations: We believe in the power of gaming and active engagement as learning tools. Whether it’s a console, virtual reality, mobile, or desktop computer game, we think games can teach about health and impact lives.

• Demoing

As always, everyone is welcome to bring their VR headsets to give demos and this meetup is free to attend. If you will be demoing, send us a message or comment below.

After the presentation by Health Impact Studios, let us know if you have a start-up, project or another area of expertise that you would like to present on.

Thank you all for your patience as we bring RTPVR back to a regular meetup schedule! Huge thanks to the American Underground for allowing us to use their space again!

Please RSVP on Meetup.